Thursday, January 14, 2010

$1.17 for over $29 worth of groceries at Walgreens

Maybe you are wondering how in the world did I do that?
My dad calls it my part time job and well...that's what it is.  It doesn't come without work, time or pre-planning.  But I just loooove it!  It is like a game to me.

So I'll start from this trip and try to answer any questions along the way.  Stay tuned.
Here is what I bought with the original prices:

1 8x10 photo collage         3.99
2 gallons white milk            2.70 each
1 half gallon choc milk       3.49
4 cream of soups               1.59 each
2 quaker containers oatmeal 3.49 each
3 dozen eggs                       .99 each

Total $29.19

I had a free photo collage for being a walgreens fan.
2/.50 coupons for the white milk
free half gallon choc milk when you buy 2 gallons white milk
I used the in-ad Q (coupon) for the oats which took a total of $3.98 off plus I combined that with 2 $1 manufacturer coupons making each 18 oz container only .50.
I used another in-ad Q for the soups which took a total of $2.80 off for them and combined that with a .25 manufacturer Q.

My total here now was $12.68
I would have been pretty happy with that amount but...
Here is where it gets a little trickier.

Last week they were running this promotion where if you bought a Bayer Contour Blood Glucose Meter $14.99 you get $5 RR (register rewards). Normally these cost $79 but they were on sale for $14.99. So the coupons were adjusted down to $14.99. I had 2 $30 off coupons for these.  So I bought 2 in 2 separate transactions and I got a total of $10 in free money. So what am I going to do with them? Donate them to someone who needs them.

So I used my $10 in register rewards and then my total was down to 2.68.  I also had another $1 RR so my total was $1.68.  And now for some reason my math isn't adding up correctly.  But according to my receipt I only paid $1.17.  Anywho I hope this is making some sense.


  1. Wow! That is awesome savings! You spent less on all,then one gallon of milk.
    Now if only we could use coupons on the rest of life... :)

  2. Seriously. Like Jared said he'd like a coupon for buying a house.